Types Of Lightweight Fabric

Types Of Lightweight Fabric

When you talk about lightweight fabric, there are many types in the market. Here is a complete list that describes all the popular types of lightweight fabric.

Lightweight fabric is mostly used by people for decorating purposes because the fabric has more color and design variety than other types. This article discusses the types of common lightweight fabric.


The batiste is a sheer, soft and plain-weaved fabric. It is made from cotton. They have lengthwise streaks because of the type of yarn that is used when making the batiste fabric. How do you use it? It is very suitable for window treatments.


Challis is also another soft, plain-weave fabric that is made from cotton, rayon, wool or a combination of these 3 materials. They are best used for window treatments as drapes. They come in many types of prints too. It can block out light as well, acting as a good filter.


It is a soft, woven satin/crepe fabric. It is best used as drapes, which is a suitable option for window coverings. If you use the charmeuse fabric, your room will look elegant. It is relatively expensive too.


The chiffon is a lightweight, sheer, plain-weave fabric and yet affordable fabric. Originally, they were made from silk. But now they are available in polyester and other man-made (synthetic) forms. You should use the chiffon only if you need more light into your room.


It has a pebbly and crinkly texture. This is because the crepe is made using the crepe-weaving technique. Therefore, expect to have more texture richness when it comes to the crepe fabric. You can use it to add sophistication to your window and room. It is moderately expensive.


This fabric type has small cutout decorative areas that are surrounded by stitching. This makes it suitable for many types of curtains. The eyelet fabric is made from cotton and they can shrink easily. But it is moderately expensive too.

Gauze, mesh and fishnet

Instead of going with high fiber content, these fabric types go with high style and low price. At the same time, you get a nice texture for your windows and a significant amount of day light into your room. Where to use them? These fabrics are suitable for country or beach homes.


This is a light fabric that you can use if you like the feminine feel to your bedroom. The lace fabric is very suitable for rooms that have antique furniture. They are also very suitable for use in a girl’s bedroom. How much do they cost? Well, polyester lace is the cheapest, while blended lace is more expensive. Lace fabric that is made from cotton is the most expensive.


The organza is a thin, plain-weave, sheer fabric. It can be made from silk and sometimes synthetic materials (nylon or polyester). How do you use this fabric? It is best used for wedding dresses. Appearance wise, the organza looks similar to both the batiste and chiffon. But the texture of the organza fabric is thicker. This is a moderately expensive fabric.


The plisse fabric is made from cotton or rayon. You will notice it has a bumpy or blistered effect. This is because the application of caustic soda during its manufacturing process. The plisse fabric comes in solids and prints. Sometimes, they can be semisheer or opaque. Beware when you wash the plisse fabric. It can lose its texture. This is a moderately expensive fabric.


Voile is a fabric that comes in smooth and crinkly version with a plain-weave and a crisp finish. Its most common and default material is cotton. But you can also find the voile fabric to be made from silk, rayon, acetate and wool. Like the plisse, this fabric can be printed, solid or semisheer. It is also moderately expensive.

Choose to use paper blinds or temporary blinds if you don’t want to go through the hassle of choosing a suitable light fabric type. You can make your life much easier.


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